Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tired animals on "Zoo"

CBS new summer series "Zoo," premiering June 30. ShowMe Tigers will be featured in the second episode.

"I prefer CGI and not live animals, maybe in the future they can switch...hopefully.  The show looks GREAT.  Sad the animals are so tired they fall asleep during scenes (most recent ZooCBS article)" //Gina T.

Gina, do you realize big cats sleep up to 18 hours a day ? They eat a 100% protein diet - only raw meat. Protein is very hard for enzymes to break down, which requires long periods of rest for the digestive system to process it. In addition, the nutrients have to be absorbed quickly so the by products can be rapidly eliminated. If not, the meat would rot inside them.

There have been many comments about disappointment that real animals were used for filming. My animals were among some of those hired. The film crew, cast and directors were very accommodating to place the needs of my animals first. We had a representative of the American Humane Association on hand to supervise. Look at this from another perspective - instead of feeling sad for the animals who are "tired" ( let's remember what was just discussed about their digestive system ), feel comfortable in the fact that the animals were so relaxed during filming that they slept and enjoyed their time off. There is nothing wrong with working animals if they are taken care of, just like there is nothing wrong with having pets. Just because my boys and girls are bigger than the "average" companion animal doesn't make our relationship and interaction any less special.

Ryan Holder
Tiger trainer
Kelly Miller Circus