Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pinckney MI

We had no-show day last Friday. In circus life, there are several types of individuals that either do not get a day off or they use the extra time to get extra work done - the animal departments are the best example. We had planned on an easy day once the tigers were cared for, finishing up a few half-completed projects from the last few weeks. Unfortunately, after pulling off the last lot before jumping, the tiger transport trailer caught a manhole and wreaked havoc on the back bumper and ramp door. Over the next two days, we had everything repaired to get us back on the road Sunday morning. The cosmetic repairs will be finished up this week. Thee excitement never ends. Did I mention I had a tooth pulled that morning as well ?

The tigers were oblivious to our hard labors and enjoyed their extra free time. Only two shows and no practice over a two day period ? They might have been spoiled a bit.

Ryan Holder
Tiger Trainer
Kelly Miller Circus