Thursday, August 7, 2014

Animal Rights Extremism - Northern Ohio

This is the type of people the circus deals with during our travels. The Kelly Miller Circus does not have an "off-limits" area other than the public barriers to keep a safe distance from the animal compounds. Each morning, tours are given of the tent setup and circus layout. Throughout the day, the animals are on display doing whatever it is they want to do. I present a tiger paw print demonstration and also educate the public regarding my animals and their training and husbandry after the tent raising. I also host a Question and Answer session. The public is able to come and make their own educated decisions about my tigers' care and well-being.

"I won"t be going but clicking "going" is the only way my post will show up here. I will be crossing the protest line on this one. I am going in to get any documentation on the animals and other things that would violate other laws. I will be getting there at 8am. They use one of the elephants to raise the tent at 9am. They try to usher people under while she does it but I'm going to try and hang back and see what they do to her. Since I don't have a car I'm going to be stuck hanging around the area for several hours until the first show. That alone will seem suspicious and with what happened last year they will already be looking over their shoulder's more for anything that seems off. Please noone feel miffed if you recognize me and I don't respond to you." //Jessica Pacynski, Kelly Miller Circus Peaceful Protest

Jessica, there is no reason to "sneak around." If you have questions, come up and ask ! I had dozens of people outside the tiger compound this morning doing just that. When we were finished with prints, they enjoyed watching the tigers play in their pools. If you really want to help my animals, go buy a few pieces of steel. I'm going to need a lot to build the new, larger compound for my girls for next season.

Ryan Holder
Tiger Trainer
Kelly Miller Circus