Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aerial View - Kelly Miller Circus

A fascinating YouTube video shows an aerial view of the Kelly Miller Circus taken in Grand Haven, Michigan, two weeks ago. The video can be seen in its entirety here :

The first still capture below shows the midway area where the public enters the tent for the performance. The left semi is the concession wagon. Directly across is the animal compounds - elephants under the blue awning and assorted hoof stock under the red. The red wagon with the white clown face is the ticket office, directly in front of the novelty stand. To the left of the tent, under the red and yellow awning, is the cookhouse which provides two meals everyday for the performers, workers and families.

The second image shows the backyard. The semi ( painted with an elephant on both sides ) is the generator truck which provides the show with power for 12 hours each day. To the right under the white awning is the tiger compound. The white lines circling the tent and dividing off from there are the water hoses.

The last image shows a better view of the animal compounds.

As can be seen with these photos, there is no "off-limits" areas on the Kelly Miller Circus. The animals can be viewed all day from outside the public safety barriers. It is pretty neat to see an overall view of the show from a different perspective.