Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Animal Rights Extremism

Central Idaho is proceeding to ban traveling circuses with animal acts. Why ?

"Students from Sage School provided evidence to support the ordinance."

Fantastic. Sounds like they found a credible source to discriminate against hard working Americans. Did they go farther than Wikipedia ? Or base their "research" on the extremist propaganda of animal rights activists which lie, slander and break federal law to achieve spread of their hate-filled "messages" and achieve their goals of taking away the rights of others ?

Every day animal rights extremists are taking away the rights of Americans. If they don't like something, they are not allowing you to make that choice yourself. They are taking away that right to choose. They do so with slander and libelous propaganda not based on fact but by stereotypes, generalizations and outright lies.

Always remember, animal welfare, not animal rights. Regulation, not bans. Make your own choices based on your own observations and research, not spoon-fed by those who will stop at nothing to attain their goals.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Purdue
Partridge Road on Flickr
Holder's Tigers
Kelly Miller Circus