Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Tiger Paw Print Impressions
What others are saying

The Kelly Miller Circus! by Holly Outdoor Recreation Coalition and Holly Dickens Festival

This is super exciting! Ryan Holder, the Tiger Trainer & Handler for the Kelly Miller Circus has just offered us a special experience. One of Ryan's tigers is quite an artist and has been creating customized paw "prints" that will be available for purchase. This live art show (based on a few conditions) will take place while the circus is in our town! Check out this link for more information:


Northeast Oklahoma Lsu-Alumni

Consider making a donation to Kelly Miller Circus' Holder's Tigers. Donations go towards improving tiger habitat, food, medical treatment, etc. Ryan Easley and staff show their appreciation with one of a kind tiger art work. For those of you not in the circus loop these animals already receive the utmost care and are great ambassadors for their species. To donate and learn more visit:

As an LSU Tiger alumni these animals also mean a lot to me too!


Hi Guys,

Your locations have been chosen to witness our Tiger Trainer, Ryan Holder’s 5 year old tiger Zeya, along with Ryan himself, work magic outside the ring. Ryan is now offering one of a kind paw paintings for purchase and everyone present will get to witness the fun as it happens. Original works of art that he and Zeya create. Please feel free to let everyone you know come witness Ryan and Zeya work hand and paw to create masterpieces at 10:00 a.m. at each of your locations. For more information over this please visit or do not hesitate to contact our office for further details.

Jill Jones
Home Office Manager
Kelly Miller Circus


Jan is still excited about our Ryan Holder Paw print. Thanks again Ryan Easley for getting it to us last Dec. We'll be doing another feature for White Tops in Dalton! I have a copy of the last one for you! See you Sat. and Sunday! //Ken Sopelak